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About Toki

What is Toki?

Toki is a decentralized search engine, capable of running on any Toki server. It is designed to be anonymous, private and censorship-resistant. The more content crawled or indexed, the more complete the field of search that searchers can expect.

Why does the world need Toki?

In a world of scarcity, Toki seeks to create abundance. It does this by making knowledge as free as possible to as many places as possible. Toki also seeks to empower anyone to realize their potential by co-creating with others.

What is a Toki server?

Toki is a decentralized and locally hosted internet access point that powers content, community and commerce at a local level, while also providing power-efficient and bandwidth-efficient internet access.

Who can host a Toki server?

Toki servers are hosted by so-called “Mayors”. Mayors are typically volunteers who are embedded in local communities with a commitment to local digital empowerment.

What is a Tokiville?

A Tokiville is a community that has (1) achieved critical mass around awareness that a Toki is operating in their community and (2) has developed a shared commitment to local empowerment and also welcomes non-locals to co-create abundance.

Who is behind Toki?

Toki is a service of Epik Holdings, Inc, an innovation leader that is working to build solutions that lead to more a resilient internet that empowers humanity to achieve more in the Digital Age.